Suction Type Destoner

VQSX series Gravity De-stoner is mainly used to separate the heavy impurities such as stone , mud and so on from wheat , white rice and paddy . It has features as no spreading power and dust , fine firmness and durability , easy classifying & maintenance , its tight structure, stable function, easy operating. etc .


High stone-removing efficiency; with shutter sieve, it is more suitable for some grain processing plants where there are more stones content in raw grain.

The inclination of shutter sieve varies from 10o to 14o depending on the different feedstock to attain the best processing effect. With external fan, fully sealed machine, and no dust outside machine, thereby gaining the end of environmental protection. Adopt reciprocating mechanism with rubber bearing, less vibrating, low noise.

Item VQSX100 VQSX125 VQSX168
Capacity( t/h) Wheat 6.5?7.5 Wheat 9?10.5 Wheat 10--14
Paddy5---7 Paddy 7---9 Paddy 10---14
Speed for principal axis (r/min) 485+_15 485+_15 485+_15
Obliquity for screen(0) Wheat(12)10--14 Wheat(12)10--14 Wheat(12)10--14
Breadth for screen(mm) 950 1200 1630
Absorbing breezing(m3/h) 3800---4100 5400---6200 9100---9600
Resistance(mmH2O) 40---50 40---50 40---50
Power(kw) 0.75 1.1 1.5
Weight (kg) 380 480 600
Dimension(mm) 1514X1124X1809 1514X1375X1809 1514X1790X1809
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